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Collection of Stories about Cows, Cattle and the Dairy Princess of America- Book by C.R. Lindemer

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True Cow Tales, an original anthology written and edited by C.R. Lindemer and published by Dog Ear Publishing, introduces us into the world of cows. These gentle giants have been living alongside humans for centuries, providing us with milk, meat and companionship. In fact, there is a long tradition of swapping stories and anecdotes about cows that has stayed mainly within the world of dairy and cattle farmers; stories that are humorous, heartwarming, sometimes scary and sometimes sad. Lindemer has collected these stories and reminiscences from sources all over the country and put them together in a volume titled, True Cow Tales.
Get ready for stories about favorite cows with names like “Sugar” and “Hoogey”, funny stories about cows who wander off or suspenseful episodes with bulls. You will also read about the Dairy Princesses, beautiful young women who love cows and who spend a year promoting the dairy industry. They even have their likeness carved in butter! There is a section of poetry dedicated to cows including works by Robert Louis Stevenson. Scattered throughout the book are photographs and drawings of contributing authors with their bovine companions as well as the Dairy Princesses in all their grandeur.
For many of us who only encounter these ordinary yet magnificent creatures at state fairs or when driving though farm country, True Cow Tales provides a rare glimpse into another world. This book will also be popular with those who are more familiar with the bovine culture, and who truly know about their nature. This book will bring back fond memories for anyone who has ever lived on a farm or worked alongside dairy cows and cattle.
True Cow Tales has something for everyone, whether you have never even heard of 4-H or you have spent your life taking care of these wonderful and often overlooked animals. After reading this book, you might find that you loved cows more than you realized!

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True Cow Tales

C.R. Lindemer
Dog Ear Publishing
ISBN: 978-160844-061-0 228 pages US
Available at Ingram, Baker&Taylor,, Barnes&Noble, Borders and fine bookstores everywhere

Native American Spirits Challenge Lawyer in a Modern Day Christmas Carol

Written by Fred Tribuzzo and published by Dog Ear Publishing, Saint Nick tells of Paul Castellucci, a washed up bankruptcy lawyer who is estranged from his family and grown son.  

Paul, a selfish and cynical man, finds himself alone in his studio apartment near Christmas Eve. His mother calls to tell him that his son is soon to be sent off to Iraq and begs him to come and see the family on Christmas Day. That night Paul receives a ghostly visitor, Black Elk, a famous Sioux Shaman, who Paul greatly admires. It appears the spiritual world has come to take him by the hand and set him straight. Things are about to get very interesting for Paul Castellucci!

Saint Nick, by author Fred Tribuzzo, is a modern take on Dickens’ A Christmas Carol with references to religion, American history, patriotism and the military. As Paul travels through time and space he will see his first love as a teenager, his son gravely wounded in Iraq, and he will revisit the Catholic Church he rejected long ago. Paul will also meet the iconic Sitting Bull and Crazy Horse as they take Paul on his dream quest to find his soul again. But will he make it in time for Christmas?

Saint Nick is a smart and entertaining read that will hook you from page one!


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Saint Nick

Fred Tribuzzo

Dog Ear Publishing

ISBN: 978-160844-014-6                        76 pages                                                                                     US


Available at Ingram, Baker&Taylor,, Barnes&Noble, Borders and fine bookstores everywhere

Learn to Manage Your Money Wisely and Maintain Happiness- book by James W. Stone

Spend Joyfully!, written by James W. Stone and published by Dog Ear Publishing, will completely change the way you think about money.

This easy-to-read book breaks down the process of money management into three major lessons: learning how to manage your money, learning to take control of how you spend money, and learning to live happily in a world dominated by advertising and instant gratification.

The fact is Spend Joyfully! could not have come out at a better time. Currently we are in the midst of a global economic crisis and most people are looking for a new way to spend and save money. According to Stone, the essential ABC’s of spending wisely and enjoying life come down to: “Attitude,” “Budget” and “Cash flow.” Stone uses stories and clear examples from his own experience to illustrate his points.

James W. Stone was raised by parents who grew up during the Great Depression He was taught to make the most of what he had —frugally making do. However those life lessons slipped through his fingers when he struck out on his own and discovered the world of credit cards and instant gratification. Luckily he was able to work his way out of debt and back into responsible financial living. His structured approach to getting out of debt provided the basis for Spend Joyfully! This book is a must have for you if you want to live within your means and keep a smile on your face!

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Spend Joyfully!

James W. Stone

Dog Ear Publishing

ISBN: 978-160844-084-9 212 pages US

Available at Ingram, Baker&Taylor,, Barnes&Noble, Borders and fine bookstores everywhere

Body Builder Tells His Story of Triumph Over Cancer- book by Rusty Russo

Three Strikes You’re In, written by Rusty Russo and published by Dog Ear Publishing, tells the gut-wrenching and inspiring story of Russo’s three battles with cancer.

When Rusty Russo and his wife Wende are rear-ended in a freak car accident, Rusty is checked out at the hospital, where doctors discover that he has a brain tumor. Prior to that, Russo was diagnosed with thyroid cancer, one that runs in his family and reoccurs several years later. He undergoes a second surgery, only to be faced, once again, with lung cancer-his biggest challenge yet. He refuses to accept the diagnosis as a death sentence, and engages in the fight of his life.

As an incredibly fit body builder, Russo stresses the importance of being strong both mentally and physically while undergoing cancer treatment. During the time that he is convalescing at home, Russo becomes a certified personal trainer and begins a new chapter in his life, both professionally and physically. Russo also describes his family, especially his wife and sons, and the important role they play in his healing. Throughout Three Strikes You’re In, Russo uses a down-to-earth manner to describe his various tests and medical procedures, surgeries, chemotherapy and experience with alternative therapies.

Three Strikes You’re In is an inspirational story that will touch the lives of anyone who has to deal with illness and suffering. At times humorous and at times heartbreaking, Russo guides the reader through his story in the hopes that his triumph will inspire others to stay positive on the path to healing.

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Three Strikes, You’re In

Rusty Russo

Dog Ear Publishing

ISBN: 978-160844-056-6 112 pages US

Available at Ingram, Baker&Taylor,, Barnes&Noble, Borders and fine bookstores everywhere

Little Prince Sketches His Way Through the Big City- Book by Lucia Ginesin

Written by Lucia Ginesin, illustrated by Zack Ginesin and published by Dog Ear Publishing, Prince Jack the Little Artist tells the story of Prince Jack, a young boy who lives in a very old castle by the sea with his family and their smelly pet ogre, KemKem. Prince Jack is quite an artist and loves to draw pictures of cars, boats and other interesting vehicles. One day Prince Jack and KemKem take the train to the big city where they see all kinds of amazing trucks, cars, buses and more. Prince Jack takes out his pens, pencils and drawing pad and quickly sketches what he sees as he travels along.

Prince Jack the Little Artist was written by Lucia Ginesin and illustrated by her talented five-year old son Zack Ginesin. Zack’s drawings depict fire engines, airplanes, trains, buses, boats and many other fascinating vehicles. Children will delight in admiring these extraordinary pictures drawn by a person their own age. Perhaps Prince Jack’s hobby will inspire other children to draw pictures of their favorite things too!

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Prince Jack the Little Artist

Lucia Ginesin and Zack Ginesin

Dog Ear Publishing

ISBN: 978-159858-983-2 28 pages US

Available at Ingram, Baker&Taylor,, Barnes&Noble, Borders and fine bookstores everywhere