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Meet A Beautiful, Sensual Angel in this New Book of Poetry
Self-published author Richard Hawley’ s book of poetry, Twenty-One Visits to a Darkly Sun-Tanned Angel, is released by Dog Ear Publishing.

In Twenty-One Visits to a Darkly Sun-Tanned Angel, poet Richard Hawley paints a portrait of a sensual, wine-drinking cigarette-smoking, beautiful and clearly feminine angel. Each of these 21 poems reveals something new and exciting about her. As one critic writes, “Mr. Hawley focuses his penetrating eye on both the ordinary and the unusual. Like a necklace, the poems string together a series of unique gems to form a consequential whole.”

The poems in Twenty-One Visits to a Darkly Sun-Tanned Angel seek to capture the essence of this ethereal being that Hawley has conjured up at the seaside. In the beginning he describes her appearance and perfect clothing. As we get to know her better, we learn that angels cry easily, suddenly, and often. When he explores the nature of her profound sadness, the images brought forth are both graphic and terrifying.

Fans of original poetry will enjoy Richard Hawley’s work. The language and imagery in Twenty-One Visits to a Darkly Sun-Tanned Angel will stay with you long after you put the book down.

Hawley self-published his poetry with the help of Dog Ear Publishing. If you’d like to know more about self-publishing, visit the Dog Ear Website.


Twenty-One Visits to a Darkly Sun-Tanned Angel
Richard Hawley
Dog Ear Publishing
ISBN: 978-159858-880-4 72 pages US

Available at Ingram, Baker&Taylor,, Barnes&Noble, Borders and fine bookstores everywhere

Neuroscientist-turned-World -Famous-Detective of the Mind Johnny Denovo Seeks to Thwart Geopolitical Catastrophe in this New Mystery

Spam and Eggs is released by author Andrew Kent

Five years ago, brainy neuroscientist John A. Novarro helped crack a sensitive government investigation and as a result found himself cut off from his past life forever. Novarro created a new and bolder alter ego and became the world-famous Johnny Denovo, Detective of the Mind, and the bane of high stakes criminals the world over.

In Spam and Eggs, a Johnny Denovo mystery, Johnny receives several bizarre spam e-mails and begins detecting hidden codes in them that suggest a plot to steal rare and valuable objects. But it seems this is no ordinary case of rich people worried about losing their expensive possessions, rather something far more sinister. As Johnny and his beautiful but shrewd business manager Mona Landau track the e-mails to their source, events explode into an adrenalized, trans-Atlantic race to prevent geopolitical catastrophe.

Will Johnny’s nerve and knowledge of the human brain be enough to thwart the criminal mastermind behind this new case? Or will he become another victim of a ruthless conspiracy? Spam and Eggs is an entertaining read that will leave you wanting more of this engaging new hero.

Check out author Andy Kent’s website for more information about the book. To get more information about how to publish your own book, click here.

Spam and Eggs
Andrew Kent
Dog Ear Publishing
ISBN: 978-159858-864-4 256 pages US

Available at Ingram, Baker&Taylor,, Barnes&Noble, Borders and fine bookstores everywhere

Blake Mantle and the War for New Creatia is released by author A. J. Nolan, published by Dog Ear Publishing.

Blake Mantle and the War for New Creatia is a new self published fantasy book written by author A.J. Nolan. The book follows Blake Mantle, a young Hawaiian man, who gets forced by his very first client to make a dangerous airplane delivery to the neighboring island Maui during a dangerous tropical storm. As his plane crashes down on top of Mt. Kilauea Volcano, Blake is somehow sucked safely deep into the heart of the volcano. There he discovers two cities that have been hidden from the surface world for decades that are currently at war with each other.

In this underground world of Paradise, the weapons of choice are 13 unique jet packs that allow its user the ability to form Battle Armor over his entire body directly from the pack itself; whether Spartan, Roman, Ninja or Samurai. Here is where Blake accidentally discovers a uniquely powerful armor that allows his very body to form into a weapon that has such power it has been sought after by both sides for several years. As Blake is befriended by the good city New Creatia, he is relentlessly hunted by the evil city s inhabitants who are desperate to get Blake s new armor for their own sick twisted king, Essex.

Battle armors collide as Blake seeks to protect himself underground while making his way back to the surface, not only to escape this nightmare but also to save his girlfriend Erika who is in great danger. Unfortunately for Blake, he is attacked above ground just as he is united with his girlfriend Erika. This attack forces him to return to New Creatia to confront this relentless enemy Essex once and for all.

Blake Mantle and the War for New Creatia will keep your interest throughout, from the opening battle sequence underground until the final confrontation between the two main characters!

A.J. Nolan was born and raised in Pennsylvania. He has traveled the world to such spots as France, Mexico, Bahamas, Florida and California. But to him, Hawaii has always been his favorite destination. This is one reason why Blake Mantle and the War for New Creatia is centered there. He has spent a lifetime reading, collecting and enjoying all sorts of comic book genre. He has a keen understanding or how superheros work and how they can truly affect a child s imagination. His own imagination has always remained an important part of his life, something that has truly allowed Blake Mantle to shine through.

The author’s web site is


You will find more information about self publishing a book or self publishing companies at the Dog Ear Publishing web site.

Blake Mantel and The War for New Creatia
A. J. Nolan
Dog Ear Publishing
ISBN:1-59858-769-2; 164 pages; $12.95 US

New Release Takes a Fresh Approach to the Christian Faith and Rejects the Traditional “Canned” Explanation of God and Jesus

Green Bean Spirituality is released by self-published author Ben MacKinnon

Do you consider yourself Christian but struggle to make God and Jesus relevant to your life? Do you crave a closer relationship to God but feel disconnected with the canned explanations of Christianity?

Author Ben MacKinnon has written an exciting new book called Green Bean Spirituality that takes a fresh approach to describing the Christian faith. MacKinnon uses the analogy of buying fresh green beans from the produce department as opposed to buying green beans in a can. Isn’t the quality of fresh green beans so much better than the contents of a tin can?

MacKinnon states that when something is “canned” it is repeated over and over again until it becomes cliché. When we hear the same clichés again about God and Jesus, we stop listening and the message becomes irrelevant to our own lives. In Green Bean Spirituality, MacKinnon uses witty analysis and metaphor to describe the Gospel of Jesus Christ in real and tangible ways.

In Green Bean Spirituality, MacKinnon breaks down his journey toward a closer relationship with God into five main categories: Sin, God, Jesus, Faith and Grace. Drawing both from his own experiences and actual passages from the Bible, MacKinnon shows how we can have a real and authentic approach to Christian faith that breaks through the current confines of “tin can” spirituality.

Readers who are looking to improve their own faith and gain a deeper understanding of God will not be disappointed with Green Bean Spirituality!

About the Author

Ben MacKinnon is a student at the University of Delaware. He is a secondary math-education major and is working on his Bachelor’s of Arts degree. MacKinnon says his “career goal is to be a math teacher, but his life’s calling is to show the beauty in mathematics to young people.”

Writing and Math are his passions, education is his calling, cycling is his muse, and coffee is his addiction. Ben explains: “Most of the things you will find in my writing were drummed up either on the roads anywhere from Delaware to Pennsylvania or ina diner/coffee-shop in Newark, DE (or Portland, OR).” He then adds, “Which is why I would like to thank my bike for not giving up on me and the employees of all Newark coffee establishments for not kicking me out after many hours there.”

MacKinnon wrote a book that shares his important message with the world. He was able to publish Green Bean Spirituality with the help of Dog Ear Publishing. To find out more about this interesting young author, visit his website. If you are interested in learning about Dog Ear, or self-publishing in general, click here.

Green Bean Spirituality
Ben MacKinnan
Dog Ear Publishing
ISBN: 978-159858-842-2

Available at Ingram, Baker&Taylor,, Barnes&Noble, Borders and fine bookstores everywhere

A Young, Beautiful and Haughty Princess Learns Humility and Compassion in this Magical Adventure Story for Young Readers

Self-published author J.M. Oddo releases Mandolyn’s Masquerade

Princess Mandolyn has everything a girl could want: she is beautiful, rich and heir to the throne of her father’s kingdom. However when the prince she wants to marry does not return her affection, because he is in love with a servant girl, Princess Mandolyn becomes desperate. After seeking the advice of a mysterious sorcerer, she wakes up to find herself in the body of that same servant girl!

Now trapped in a new body, Princess Mandolyn must turn her royal hands to labor in the hot kitchen and among the horses in the stables of the palace. But not all is folly as Princess Mandolyn discovers the value of hard work and the beauty of friendship in her new role. As she realizes how cruel she has been until now, the princess is profoundly affected and feels a burning shame for her actions. Somehow she must find a way to correct all her past wrongs and reclaim her royal place in the kingdom. With a little help from her new friends, it just might work!

Mandolyn’s Masquerade by author J. M. Oddo is a charming and exciting story that will capture the interest of readers of all ages.

Oddo self-published her book with the help of Dog Ear Publishing. If you would like to learn more about Dog Ear, or self-publishing in general, visit the website.

Mandolyn’s Masquerade
J. M. Oddo
Dog Ear Publishing
ISBN: 978-159858-812-5

Available at Ingram, Baker&Taylor,, Barnes&Noble, Borders and fine bookstores everywhere