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New Book Gives Practical and Humorous Strategies for Optimizing Marital Harmony


Dog Ear Publishing releases “Who’s Your Hubby? Tips for Living Happily with 10 Hubby Types” by Beth Rabinowitz and Monica Schaeffer, Ph.D.

Newly weds, older weds, and soon-to be-weds now have a guide for living happily with 10 different “hubby types” in this new book released by Dog Ear Publishing. With the divorce rate for first-time marriages hovering around 50%, and over 60% for second marriages, this timely book helps promote marital harmony and minimize marital discord.

The strategies and advice provided in this book are based on the responses of more than 100 women to the “Marital Wisdom Survey.” Collectively, they represent over 1,000 years of marriage, with over 90% being married for over 20 years and 30%, for over 35 years. In addition, the majority of these women reported that they work outside the home and 97% have children, most with 2 or more.

Who’s Your Hubby? Tips for Living Happily with 10 Hubby Types,” offers chapters for each of 10 hubby types: Chubby, Non-Communicative, Sportsaholic, Unfashionable, Domestically Challenged, Frugal, Unromantic, Workaholic, Time-Insensitive, and Messy.  Each chapter is divided into three sections. Warning signs help predict if one’s husband will morph into a particular hubby type. These are followed by strategies that are practical, specific and even tested by the survey respondents. Each chapter concludes with Do Something for Yourself, recognizing that wives may need to change their behaviors and/or perspectives to optimize harmony.

To provide insight into the male’s perspective, Who’s Your Hubby? includes a chapter written by the authors’ husbands, titled “Why Nagging Doesn’t Work.” This chapter is followed by “Why Ignoring It Doesn’t Work,” to fortify the need to keep working at achieving marital bliss!! The final chapter, “Cupid’s Cheat Sheet,” can be consulted often and especially when tempers flair.  The authors present the respondents’ advice (in their own words) under 10 categories that apply to any and all hubby types.

The authors have been sharing their own strategies for marital success with each other for over 30 years. As a health psychologist and marketing professional, they each have used their skills to compile this humorous as well as practical marital guidebook.

For additional information, please visit www.WhosYourHubby.com.

Who’s Your Hubby? Tips for Living Happily with 10 Hubby Types

Beth Rabinowitz and Monica Schaeffer, Ph.D.

Dog Ear Publishing

ISBN: 978-1-4575-1635-1                        152 pages                        $12.95 US

Available at Ingram, Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble and fine bookstores everywhere.