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New Release pairs Biblical truth with opportunities for reflection and direction – Book by Jamison A. McIntyre

Life can take unexpected turns sometimes, and that’s when hearing the right word can make all the difference. Words that inspire, instruct and encourage people help them through times of transition, crisis or uncertainty, whether in body or soul. This collection of inspirational writings pairs Biblical truth with opportunities for reflection and direction both for new believers and those experienced with faith.

What He Says As We Walk Vol. 1 follows the author’s travels around the United States and the world, where he has experiences that require prayer for understanding and perspective. But it’s not just profound experiences that prayer and faith can improve. The Biblical story of Noah and his wife, who built and stocked an ark against all odds shows men “that with Christ within us and a good God-sent woman by your side, there’s nothing you can’t do,” the author writes. Whether he’s writing about a victim of sexual assault who forgives her attacker, a family torn by divorce or a woman who turns her life around and becomes a missionary, McIntyre’s hope in faith and prayer – and their ability to make a difference in daily life – shines through.

What He Says As We Walk Vol. 1, published by Dog Ear Publishing, consists of 136 entries.  It has the feel of a devotional, yet it’s something distinctively unique.  It covering numerous topics such as fiance, romance, hope, strength, direction, and faith. However, the articles, short stories, and poems where intentionally not categorized as such. You won’t know what you’re reading, until you’ve read it.

Author Jamison A. McIntyre has written short stories, poems and expositions, inspired by poet Shel Silverstein at a boy. This Fort Lauderdale, Fla., resident takes several distinct approaches to sharing God’s message. This book was written over more than a decade.


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What He Says As We Walk Vol. 1

Jamison A. McIntyre

Dog Ear Publishing

ISBN: 978-145750-019-0          284 pages          $19.95 US


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