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New Fiction Release Tells One Jamaican Man’s Tale of Triumph ; Book by Monica Dyer


Dog Ear Publishing releases “This Son Rises From the West” by Monica Dyer.

This new fiction release published by Dog Ear Publishing is the story of Ricky, a Jamaican man who has risen from poverty and overcome his deeply-held belief that mediocrity was all he deserved.  Through the years, Ricky battles outside forces as well as those within himself to become one of the most distinguished men in his chosen field.

Author Monica Dyer’s new release from Dog Ear Publishing begins as Ricky Elliot, distinguished in the field of race relations, awaits his family’s arrival.  Today is the day Ricky hasn’t even dared to dream about, the day he will be formally presented to the Queen of England.  How did a boy from a poor family from Jamaica climb to these dizzying heights?  As he awaits his sisters, Ricky contemplates his life thus far.

His early years were joyful, filled with sunshine and love from his mother and father.  His brother Calvin’s disdain clouded his landscape, but Ricky was generally happy.  He worked hard, and after his graduation, set out to learn a trade.  Eventually, he felt himself longing for something beyond the colony he called home, something riskier that offered the potential for higher reward.  Ricky moves to England, where he hopes his elder brother will, at last, accept him and aid him in this unfamiliar land.  Alas, Calvin refuses to acknowledge him, leading Ricky into the darkest period of his life.  Desperately poor, dangerously ill, Ricky manages to pull himself and his sisters into the light, and nothing can stop him now.

This Son Rises From the West is inspiring, and Ricky’s journey from the island to accepting the highest honor the “mother country” offers is a fascinating story, one that will find readers rooting for him all the way.   Author Monica Dyer, a native of Kingston, Jamaica, immigrated to the United States forty-five years ago.  Her determination to receive an education allowed her to follow an interesting employment track, where she has worked at everything from childcare to Wall Street.  This is her first novel.


For additional information, please visit www.thissonrisesfromthewest.com.



This Son Rises From the West

Monica Dyer

Dog Ear Publishing

ISBN: 978-14575-1715-0                        228  pages                        $15.95 US


Available at Ingram, Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble and fine bookstores everywhere.

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