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THE EXISTENCE GAME, by Judy Adams, is the story of 29-year-old Alex Moser’s battle for sanity following childhood sexual abuse.

coveradamsTHE EXISTENCE GAME arrives at a timely moment when organizations from youth clubs to churches and schools are being exposed as places where children are at risk from sexual predators.  As each new horrible story explodes in the news, waves of individuals are coming out with their own personal stories of childhood hell.  While statistics vary somewhat, it appears that approximately one in four girls and one in seven boys in America experience sexual abuse before reaching adulthood.  According to Childhelp.org about 80% of 21 year-olds who were abused as children meet the criteria for at least one psychological disorder.

THE EXISTENCE GAME – Meet Alex Moser.  Her friends find her fun, sharp, and attractive.  Her therapist knows she is terribly ill. Although few realize it, Alex is barely keeping her head above water. Plagued since childhood with numerous phobias, Alex has designed a life for herself in service to her fears. She works nights because she can’t sleep when it’s dark out. She owns two months’ worth of clothing because she can’t do laundry in her foreboding basement. Her windows are nailed shut and she sleeps in multiple layers of clothing, which she views as protective armor. And a voice keeps telling her she’d feel better if she were dead.

Enter – Jonathan Frank, renowned Psychiatrist in Chief at a prominent psychiatric hospital, and a man fascinated with the complexities of the human mind.  Dr. Frank can’t resist a challenge and Alex Moser, diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder, is challenging in every way.

While this story offers a serious portrayal of mental illness and recovery, humorous anecdotes from the Irish pub where Alex works abound. From a police officer who drunkenly believes himself to be Superman to a pub owner whose hands-off approach leaves people wondering how he stays in business, there is no shortage of comic relief and characters who are well worth getting to know.

JUDY ADAMS’ debut novel chronicles the first two months in Alex’s journey back to health, balancing humor and sadness with great skill and making for a truly inspirational and satisfying read.

“I was struck by how accurately Adams portrays the main character, Alex Moser, and the development of her borderline personality disorder. This isn’t just a story of illness, but a remarkable, heartwarming story of recovery. Beautifully written and gripping from the start, Adams takes us into a hidden, taboo world and then leads us out, better human beings for the experience.”

David M. Band, M.D., Medical Director, Sterling Behavioral Health Services, Ashburn, Virginia

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THE EXISTENCE GAME, by Judy Adams, from Dog Ear Publishing

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