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Calico Cat Has Life-Changing Magical Adventure in New Children’s Book by Chrysie Shaw


Dog Ear Publishing releases “The Cat and the Goldfish” by Chrysie Shaw.

A dip in a fish pond leads to a surprising encounter in this new children’s book released by Dog Ear Publishing.

When a pretty little calico cat with a funny-sounding voice takes part in a magical adventure, anything can happen. Sasquatch, who stars in this new illustrated children’s book, loves to sit by the fish pond and look at the fish swimming below the pink water lilies. When she gets too close to the edge one day and falls in, she has the surprise of her life when she turns into a mercat and encounters a talking goldfish. What happens next will change her life.

“The Cat and the Goldfish” features a whimsical, magical tale about Sasquatch, a real-life cat who arrived at the author’s home as a tiny kitten. Sasquatch, who has a gray coat with patches of tan and white on her face, paws and tummy, is just as much a character and happy cat as the fictional cat who frolics in the pond. Colorful cartoon illustrations by Kezzia Crossley add to the appeal of the book. It’s geared toward 5- to 8-year-olds but also works well as a read-aloud story for adults to share with children.

Author Chrysie Shaw is a longtime animal lover, having grown up in southeastern Montana surrounded by animals. She worked for almost 30 years as a registered nurse before retiring. Shaw now lives near the Rocky Mountains in southern Colorado, once again surrounded by animals. Kezzia Crossley, a freelance illustrator, lives in British Columbia, Canada.


For additional information, please visit www.thecatandthegoldfish.com.

The Cat and the Goldfish

Chrysie Shaw

Dog Ear Publishing

ISBN: 978-1-4575-2451-6                        20 pages                        $9.99 US

Available at Ingram, Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble and fine bookstores everywhere.

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