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Author Challenges Others to Make Leap of Faith in New Spiritual Release – Book By Sherri Lane

The author has a simple message, calling for all Christians to dare to be more like Jesus: to stop judging others and to start living a life of love. Christians, whether practicing their faith or not, should release God from the restrictions or preconceived notions of what He is and can do for them. Although making a leap of faith is not easy, the rewards make it worth the effort. Someday, the author writes, we will be enlightened beyond imagining, and we should be ready to make the jump to paradise.

Setting God Free, published by Dog Ear Publishing, asks believers to consider the idea that Jesus return “might be through our open hearts and minds, rather than in an incarnation as a single human.” Simple experiences can be profound, forever altering how people view the world around them and live their lives. Seeing God’s work in a beautiful flower, marveling in a new baby’s birth or reveling in a patient’s miraculous cure all have merit. Simply changing how people think of God in their life provides a ripple effect in the world. As the author writes, “Today is the day that you change your life by shifting your thoughts to a more loving place. Today is the day that you change the world through the process of changing yourself.”

Author Sherri Lane’s own powerful spiritual experiences have inspired her to share her enlightenment with others, helping them walk the path to faith. For several years, Lane has shared these experiences on her blog, “Seeing Miracles Every Day,” found at www.seeingmiracleseveryday.blogspot.com. She hosts a Facebook fan page with the same title that explores miracles and focusing on love as a means to return to God.


For more information, visit www.sherrilane.com



Setting God Free: Awakening to Miracles

Sherri Lane

Dog Ear Publishing

ISBN: 978-160844-840-1          142 pages         $13.95 US


Available at Ingram, Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble and fine bookstores everywhere.

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