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New Release by Educator Gives Both Unique and Universal Insights Into Feelings – Book by Margaret Dunajski Harde

Recognizing that feelings begin at birth, the author of this new book reminds us how important it is for teachers, as well as others, to always be perceptive to another person’s emotional needs.  The inspiration for the title of this book came from the author’s memories about her feelings and ongoing reflections about her life as a student, and later upon becoming a teacher, in the public schools of her hometown of Peekskill, New York.

In Schooltime Reflections – Feelings 202, the author describes true stories taken from her experiences in the classroom and in life.  The down-to-earth “lessons” she presents are drawn from the incidents described but have universal applications.  The book deals with recognizing each individual’s uniqueness, developing their self-esteem, the significance of giving proper credit and encouragement, using holistic and somewhat humorous approaches in certain circumstances, and appreciating that feelings should be considered in making career choices.  When so much emphasis is now placed on test scores and other results-oriented measurements, we must never lose sight of the fact that we are always dealing with people – people who have feelings.  The goal of this book is to inspire, encourage, and help all readers, including present teachers and future teachers, to see how the stories and the “lessons” presented will help them appreciate the importance of being proactive in understanding, and properly dealing with, the emotions and feelings of people they encounter in their journey through life.

This is the first book for author Margaret Dunajski Harde.  She is a graduate of SUNY Albany where she received her Bachelors and Masters Degrees in Education.  Her career has consisted of teaching seventh and eighth grade social studies in public schools, mentoring, tutoring, serving as a story-hour specialist, and being a college supervisor for student teachers.

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Schooltime Reflections — Feelings 202

Margaret Dunajski Harde

Dog Ear Publishing

ISBN: 978-145750-495-2                        96 pages                         12.95 US

ISBN: 978-145750-746-5                        ebook                               8.99 US


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