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New Release Puts Family’s Memoirs on Center Stage – Book by Mary Ellen Stelling & Peter James Stelling

Lenore de Quincy, born into privilege, has a rebellious spirit but bows to her father’s wishes, attending a girls’ school and marrying the man he chooses for her. Everything changes when, on the verge of death, he gives her the key to a bank box filled with cash. Now she’s free to leave her marriage and the “one-horse town” where she lived and take her daughter, Angela, to Manhattan, embracing life to the fullest and chasing impractical dreams.

A Place To Call Home, published by Dog Ear Publishing, which tells the story of two wealthy families linked by an arranged marriage, is set against the backdrop of history: World War I, the Roaring Twenties and the Great Depression. Readers will see the story through Angela’s eyes as she struggles with the reality of life after her parents’ divorce, a shocking act in the 1920s. Humorous anecdotes about growing up in New York City and during summer visits with her father’s family in a coal town in Pennsylvania bring the story to life with rich details. The storytellers’ easy style makes the pages fly by.

Mary Ellen Stelling was a feature columnist for the women’s page of the Atlanta Constitution for five years and belonged to the Georgia Poetry Society and the Poetry Society of Texas. Her work appeared extensively in poetry journals and newspapers across the country in the 1950s and ‘60s. A document she wrote in the 1950s portraying her childhood inspired this book. She died in 1998 when she was 82.

Her son, Peter James Stelling, spent four years in advertising in New York before returning to Atlanta to work for the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra and later in the Group Travel Industry. Among his most memorable work experiences is time spent as road manager for a traveling symphony orchestra during the early years of Robert Shaw’s term as their Music Director.


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A Place To Call Home: A Memoir in Novel Form

Mary Ellen Stelling and Peter James Stelling

Dog Ear Publishing

Hardcover ISBN: 978-160844-800-5          352 pages          US $24.95

Paperback ISBN: 978-160844-916-3          352 pages           US $18.95

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