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New Release Tells Tales of Mining Expert’s Real-life Treasure Hunts – Book by Paul L. Jones

Life’s rarely been boring for Paul Jones, who spent three years in the Army before beginning a career that would cause him to travel two million miles in the United States and a dozen foreign countries. He earned a degree in mining engineering from the South Dakota School of Mines & Technology and spent 50 years exploring and managing mines. These true adventure anecdotes include encounters of flooding and collapsed mines, uninhabited islands, storms at sea, Arctic survival, protecting gold and explosives from terrorists, and escaping armed men.

The Pursuit and Capture of Hidden Treasure, published by Dog Ear Publishing, tells the author’s story from the beginning, when he moved around a lot as a child and even then showed a sense of daring. Readers will be drawn in by the detailed descriptions of life in the Army in Alaska and the author’s underground mine experiences. The author’s sense of humor shines through, such as his story of helping a friend in a remote area kill a goat for food, only to have the friend change his mind and ask Jones to help him bury it. This adventurous memoir gives mining enthusiasts a behind-the-scenes look at the rewards and dangers of belowground hunts for treasure that take place all over the world.

Author Paul Jones, a registered professional geologist, developed and sold an exploration tool used all over the world that detects mines, including a multibillion dollar treasure trove of gold, silver, zinc and lead in Montana. He has worked on drilling and mine management projects across the globe. His aunt and grandmother inspired Jones’ interest in mining and its vital role to modern society.


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The Pursuit and Capture of Hidden Treasure

Paul Jones

Dog Ear Publishing

ISBN: 978-160844-722-0          228 pages          $14.95 US


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