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New Release Brings Hope for Those Riding the Roller Coaster of Unemployment – Book by Neal R. Pellis & Bonnie S. Roy

Millions of people across the country are out of work. Those who have lost their jobs typically struggle with not only a loss of income but also loss of self-esteem, stress and depression. Their identity is tied to their career. Like any relationship that ends, the loss can deal a devastating blow. This comprehensive book covers the emotional cost of losing a job as well as techniques that work to find a new one. With its help and some insight into their own life, job seekers can move toward finding their way to a new position.

Job Lost, Job Found, published by Dog Ear Publishing, provides a two-prong approach to unemployment. Neal Pellis offers counseling and coping skills to recover from job loss, while Bonny Roy supplies practical tools to finding a new job, such as how to write an effective resume, how to perform well during an interview and followup steps to an interview. Chapters cover the phases of separation, layoffs, the emotional impact of losing a job and job hunting, depression and job loss, setting goals, job searching, showing the best side, red flags, interviewing techniques, what to do after getting a job and how to find a therapist or psychiatrist.

Neal Pellis, a licensed marriage and family therapist in Texas, has a master’s degree in psychology counseling. He studied under Harlene Anderson, founder of the collaborative language systems. Pellis also worked as a technical analyst for 15 years. Bonnie Roy, a career counselor for more than 15 years has worked as an employment counselor and school admissions counselor. She has helped hundreds of people get on the right career path and find a job. Roy also had a career in information technology, managing a college’s computer department.

For more information, visit www.joblostjobfound.com

Job Lost, Job Found: A Comprehensive Survival Manual for Those Who Find Themselves Out of Work

Neal Pellis and Bonny Roy

Dog Ear Publishing

ISBN: 978-160844-699-5          128 pages          $13.95 US

Available at Ingram, Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble
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