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John LaRizzio Releases New Book Celebrating Nature’s Hold on Humanity


Dog Ear Publishing releases “Silhouettes and Seasons: Essays and Images of a Personal Nature” by John LaRizzio

In a series of essays and black and white photographs in this new book released by Dog Ear Publishing, a former corporate engineer shares his experience of soul searching in relation to the natural world.

Writing allows people to express themselves, sharing their innermost contemplations both mundane and extraordinary. In this new collection of essays and poems, author John LaRizzio shares the deep connection he feels to nature and his years of searching to uncover his inner self. He describes his work as the “unprompted prose of a plain man’s contemplation” and urges others to explore their own spiritual and philosophical tendencies.

In “Silhouettes and Seasons: Essays and Images of a Personal Nature,” chronological notations provide a context and authenticity to the thoughts and emotions expressed. His writing ranges from comparing a lonely commute home from work to the journey of life, to a poem lamenting the last eve of October or an essay about a search for his faithful (and necessary) eyeglasses. Despite their seeming disparity, LaRizzio stays true to his vision, offering what he calls “an open view of a seeker’s heart along the path toward authentic self-expression.”

Flowers show off their petals and trees line a lonely wooded path in the striking black and white photographs LaRizzio took that accompany the book, adding their own voices to his message of nature’s connection to inner selves. As he writes, his essays and poems “display the ruminations of a mind in soulful contemplation, complexities of thought that lead (him) to connect the world without to the one that dwells within.”

Author John LaRizzio spent 35 years in the corporate world before pursuing other things such as writing and nature photography. LaRizzio, a graduate of Penn State University, is a former project engineer, engineering manager and director of engineering for a major U.S. company. Although nature has had a large role in his life since childhood, once he read the works of Henry David Thoreau, LaRizzio’s view of life changed forever.


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Silhouettes and Seasons: Essays and Images of a Personal Nature

John LaRizzio

Dog Ear Publishing

ISBN: 978-1-4575-2270-3                        188 pages                        $14.95 US

Available at Ingram, Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble and fine bookstores everywhere.

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