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New Book Sounds National Security Wakeup Call; Book by K.D. Rupp

Dog Ear Publishing releases “The Maid of Gettysburg” by K.D. Rupp.

The author wrote this story to draw attention to an unrecognized problem that affects our national security. There is a profound disconnect between the values of women at the top of the social pyramid and the values of women beneath them. The Maid of Gettysburg will give readers a better understanding of the perspective of those who believe the primary leadership role of most men and women is “Father” and “Mother”. Readers of this new book from Dog Ear Publishing are encouraged to visit the Women’s Leadership Challenge Facebook page for a deeper understanding of the many psychological veils that hide the truth.

The overarching theme of this new book is the decline in civic engagement in America from 1940 to the present, told through the eyes of three generations of women. It’s also a story about misperception and the common failure to recognize friend from foe. The Maid of Gettysburg is written in a form similar to a screenplay. The narrative opens in 1999 with the high school graduation of Kady Rupert, who has overcome her many disabilities in order to graduate. The story then touches upon the life of Kady’s grandmother who grew up in Gettysburg during the 1940s in an integrated, poor neighborhood. She becomes pregnant with Kady’s mother, Mary, but abandons Mary entrusting her to the care of relatives. Mary eventually attends college, with the aid of former President Eisenhower, and is joined there by her best friend, Louis. During the turbulent campus takeovers of the 1960s, Louis is killed in what appears to be an accident. Mary’s life spirals out of control during the 1970s. After being assaulted by her students, she comes to the final conclusion that she is unlovable, has no intrinsic worth, and that life is not worth living.

The author sets the tone for the book with a proposed college course that would use a broad multicultural and psychological approach to illustrate how people differ in their understanding of what constitutes a meaningful life, a life worthy of honor or respect. Cultural representatives would discuss their culture’s teachings on what constitutes a meaningful life. The goal is for students to learn how political, social, economic and psychological factors hinder perception of the dignity of women and how these factors especially affect socially prominent women.

Author K.D. Rupp began wandering the Gettysburg battlefield as a youngster and continues to visit his relatives on Cemetery Ridge from time to time. The father of three daughters, he has served in the military for more than 35 years.

For additional information, please visit www.maidofgettysburg.com, www.maidofgettysburg.org or the Women’s Leadership Challenge page on Facebook.

The Maid of Gettysburg

K.D. Rupp

Dog Ear Publishing

ISBN: 978-1-4575-1098-4                        116 pages                         $12.95 US

Available at Ingram, Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble
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