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Reformed Gangster, Lorenzo “Shorty G” Louden, Publishes His Memoir, A Soldier’s Redemption, And Gives The World A Rare Glimpse Into The Life Of A Mob Soldier Turned Soldier For God


Dog Ear Publishing releases “A Soldier’s Redemption: The Life of Gangster, Shorty G” by Lorenzo Louden.

Lorenzo “Shorty G” Louden is defying the odds and proving that recidivism is not inevitable. He went from being one of the most notorious gang chiefs ever to be locked up in the Illinois State Prison system to becoming the pride of Springfield, Illinois. The award-winning Christian co-founder (along with his wife, Bevey) of Tower of Refuge, Inc. is a successful businessman who uses his difficult background and the grace of God to help other ex-offenders stay out of prison and turn their lives around.

Coming from a broken home, and living in the street world of 1960’s and 1970’s poverty-stricken, urban Chicago, Lorenzo grew increasingly alienated and angry. He quickly learned his way around a weapon, joined a “peewee” street organization, and came to believe that life is a dog-eat-dog, use-you-before-you-use-me proposition. He was completely deprived of the loyalty, support, love, and devotion a child needs to survive. So, young Lorenzo struck a Daniel Webster-esque bargain, exchanging true family for the loyalty and brotherhood of his street gang. A juvenile gangster was born—and ended up in prison for murder before he turned twenty years old.

“A Soldier’s Redemption” is a true, candid, no holds barred story of infamous Gangster Disciple Lorenzo Louden, aka “Shorty G.” His story immerses you in the notorious world of gangs, taking you on a bone-chilling ride through the streets of 1970s Chicago. While serving 17 years behind bars, his militant rule of the underworld expanded from the streets to the prisons until a spiritual encounter directed his journey out of the darkness onto a miraculous path of purpose and possibility.

Author Lorenzo Louden, known as “Shorty G” when he was a Gangster Disciple, was born in Little Rock, Ark., but grew up in Chicago. He is CEO and co-founder of the Tower of Refuge in Springfield, an organization that works to successfully reintegrate former inmates into society while reducing recidivism and promoting reconciliation with families. He also teaches at Logan Correctional Center. In 2011 the Greater Springfield Chamber of Commerce honored Lorenzo as Not-For-Profit Business Director of the Year Small Business Award, and in 2013, Tower of Refuge earned the One In A Million, Inc. Community Service Award. Louden and his wife, Bevey, live in Springfield, Ill.


For additional information, please visit www.LorenzoLouden.com.

A Soldier’s Redemption: The Life of Gangster, Shorty G

Lorenzo Louden

Dog Ear Publishing

ISBN: 978-1-4575-1944-4                        208 pages                        $16.95 US

Available at Ingram, Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble and fine bookstores everywhere.

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