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Karen Blaser Releases New Book Showing Loving Bonds with Precious Pets

Dog Ear Publishing releases “Loving Again: Precious Chelsea and the Queen of Sheba” by Karen Blaser.

Dog Ear Publishing releases “Loving Again: Precious Chelsea and the Queen of Sheba” by Karen Blaser.

Precious Chelsea stole her owner’s heart from their first day together. The author relays the many adventures she and the German Shepherd experienced in this new book released by Dog Ear Publishing.

Little did author Karen Blaser imagine how close she and her German Shepherd puppy would become. Indeed, Chelsea’s death more than 12 years later brought almost unbearable pain, but Blaser wouldn’t trade her memories of their companionship for anything. She describes their relationship and adventures in this new book that reads like a love letter to a precious daughter, as well as what happens when someone else enters her life.

“Loving Again: Precious Chelsea and the Queen of Sheba” serves as more than a trip down memory lane. It also showcases the realities and responsibilities of owning and training a pet, important considerations for potential pet owners to understand before they undertake their own journey with a four-legged friend. Chelsea offers a testament to the power of love, and she shows it in endless ways like watching over tiny kittens and licking away Blaser’s tears. But eventually old age catches up with her and Blaser must make the tough decision to help her companion slip away.

Along with lessons learned from having a dog, Blaser shares what happens when love comes again, this time in the form of an adorable German Shepherd puppy she names Sheba. Her new companion brings joy to Blaser once again. They also inspire her to write a rap that children can sing to their own four-legged friends and includes activities pet lovers can appreciate. Blaser writes that she hopes her book can comfort others who have suffered from losing a loving pet.

Author Karen Blaser works in the business world as a trainer/manager at car dealerships and occasional real estate agent. The Connecticut native previously toured the United States and Canada performing with musical groups, studying with a jazz guitarist and opening a guitar studio, graduating summa cum laude with a music theory degree. Volunteering to teach music at church inspired Blaser to enter education, and she earned a master’s degree in curriculum and instruction, moving to the Atlanta area to be principal at a junior academy. She continues to be active at her church.



For additional information, please visit www.lovingagain.com

Loving Again: Precious Chelsea and the Queen of Sheba

Karen Blaser

Dog Ear Publishing

ISBN: 978-1-4575-2535-3                        72 pages                        $9.95 US

Available at Ingram, Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble and fine bookstores everywhere.

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