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ENCRYPTION, The New Mystery By Dr. M. J. Raney takes the reader in a whole new direction. The reader must find and solve the encrypted code. Mystery readers, you have been challenged.

Dog Ear Publishing releases “Encryption” by Dr. M.J. Raney.

Encryption is a new page turning mystery which takes the reader into the mind and life of Maria, who gets involved with secret organizations, commits crimes, tries to extricate herself from the crimes and discovers she has a secret code which, if deciphered, could bring down corporations, government agencies, government officials and politicians.  This new release from Dog Ear Publishing features thrills and a mystery that remains unsolved.

Maria’s idyllic life falls apart when she goes through a painful divorce from her wealthy attorney husband and loses all her wealthy friends and her high flying lifestyle.  She turns to a therapy group for help which only leads her into grave dangers.  They commit crimes and are forced to hide and run from the law to save their lives.  Maria’s guilty conscience eats at her, but the others will not allow her to turn herself in because it would implicate them.  Because she cannot risk being exposed to her ex-husband’s legal firm, she is forced to flee to another town.  However, she realizes she cannot continue to run once she is informed of her friend Camille’s death.  Camille left her documents that contain codes within codes.  She must solve the codes and avenge Camille’s death even though she will be forced to come out of hiding and will surely become the target of those she exposes.  Will she take this risk? Can she solve the codes?

Author : Dr. M. J. Raney spends time traveling to research her novels thanks to a family trust fund. This perpetual wanderer calls no place home and hobnobs with the rich and famous who do not know she is an author.  Dr. M. J. Raney, who writes under a pen name, donates the profits from her books to Child Inc., a charitable organization.

For additional information, please visit www.solvetheencryptioncode.com


Dr. M.J. Raney

Dog Ear Publishing

ISBN: 978-1-4575-0751-9                                                                                    $8.95 US


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