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New Fiction Release Supernatural Thriller of Deception and Mystery; Book by Fredrick S. dela Cruz


Dog Ear Publishing releases “Returning Blaze: Through Flesh and Bone” by Fredrick S. dela Cruz.

As you read the first sentence of the novel, you know that the world is askew, because the sky “shimmers beautifully light green, completely enveloping the earth in an unnatural hue.” But can the one to set the world aright be a man lost in grief, alcohol, and bitter seclusion? A man withered away by the untimely death of his wife and little boy?

“Returning Blaze: Through Flesh and Bone” delivers riveting mystery and one gripping revelation after another. First, the story unfolds as two FBI agents struggle to solve a series of gruesome murders. Their only clues are the strange symbols tattooed on the victims’ wrists and a tiny blood-red pearl-like object lodged in their ears. The victims, drained of blood, are the aftermath of a supernatural being that seeks a rare, unique blood in order to augment its own innate power.

Then, there is the unnamed hero, the man isolated from the world by his grief. “The hero is nameless for a length of time in the story,” author Fredrick S. dela Cruz explains, “in order to build a mystique around the character. The reader wonders, who is he? What are his origins? What is he?” He is tormented by dreams and flashbacks of memories long forgotten, memories of a past in which he knows he did not live, and eras in history of which he could not have been part. How could they be his memories? Gradually, he begins to wield abilities that no other human has, and the symbol found on the victims’ wrists is the same one mysteriously materializing on his own wrist.

Next, you see an enigmatic hooded man as the master puppeteer, wielding deception. On one hand, he orchestrates the offences of the bloodthirsty being. But on the other, he draws out the hero from seclusion, manipulating and forcing him to try to stop the murders. Moreover, he executes a scheme to annihilate cities around the globe. Even so, he must vanquish his own personal demons.

Lastly, an entity, with the form like a black smoke of death, makes its bargains with humans and manipulates them to their destruction. Having the ability to traverse time and space, it eventually traps the nameless hero in an inescapable deception, preventing him from saving the world.

Author Fredrick S. dela Cruz brings the captivating plot lines gracefully together into a thrilling ending you could not have foreseen. The novel is a product of his love for writing since his early teens. Of Filipino and Norwegian descent, he has lived in Southern California since his childhood.


For additional information, please visit www.returningblaze.com.

Returning Blaze: Through Flesh and Bone

Fredrick S. dela Cruz

Dog Ear Publishing

ISBN: 978-1-4575-1891-1                        532 pages                        $24.95 US

Available at Ingram, Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble and fine bookstores everywhere.


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Darlene Frances DeAngelo Brings Prohibition Era to Life in Debut Thriller

coverDeAngeloProhibition brings greed, corruption, murder and intrigue to a coal mining town nestled in the Allegheny Mountains of Pennsylvania in this debut novel by author Darlene Frances DeAngelo.

Jeremy Sinclair thought prison was the worse place to be, until he’s released for good behavior and walks for days to his former hometown. Jeremy, locked up when he was 13 for running guns over the Canadian border, can’t believe his eyes when he sees the changes that have taken place in the last 22 years, and things go downhill from there in this action-filled story. Baxter City, an old coal mining town, has been booming, including business at a speakeasy that opens in this era of prohibition. Corruption, greed and violence – including murder – soon come to the rural Pennsylvania community.

 “Hamburger Man” features an unforgettable cast of characters, from the hard-working, feisty Ida Mae to a Mafia psychopath named Santos to a bully named Shorty who enjoys inflicting pain and taking advantage of those who have nowhere to turn. Jeremy finds himself at Shorty’s mercy once he discovers a long-buried treasure is out of reach. He starts as a dishwasher but quickly becomes tangled up with murder and intrigue every day. Can he survive long enough to make his escape? Rapid-fire dialogue and detailed descriptions of people and places help set the pace for this psychological thriller. The author’s deft storytelling provides a window into life during an era of fast-paced change and uncertain morality.

This is the first novel for author Darlene Frances DeAngelo, who grew up on Pittsburgh’s north side.  She earned a master’s degree in national security and strategic studies from the U.S. Naval War College and a master’s degree in educational sociology from Wayne State University.


For additional information, please visit www.franceskaye.net.

Hamburger Man

Darlene Frances DeAngelo

ISBN: 978-1-4750-1029-9                                    622 pages

Available at Amazon.com and www.createspace.com.