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David R. Branon Weaves Assassinations, Secrets into New Thriller


Dog Ear Publishing releases “The Spider’s Web” by David R. Branon

Everyone has secrets to keep when four Supreme Court justices get assassinated. Murder, intrigue and plot twists take center stage in this captivating and humorous thriller released by Dog Ear Publishing.

The assassination of four Supreme Court justices thanks to wine spiked with poison sets off a chain reaction of events that sparks the investigative curiosity of FBI Special Agent Ridge Walker Trueheart, an Oglala Sioux Indian who has never forgotten what happened to his ancestors. Murder, conspiracies and unforgettably colorful characters come together in this new, tongue-in-cheek thriller by a former CEO. The closer Trueheart gets to the truth, the more those around him work to throw him off the scent.

“The Spider’s Web” raises the eyebrows right from the start when the book opens with a daring hit. Trueheart eventually runs across an unlikely suspect, Annabelle “Happy” Holiday, who is country mouse clever but eventually falls victim to avaricious city rats and a judicial system that supports eminent domain. Every character in the book has a secret to keep, from the president and vice president of the United States to the directors of the CIA and the FBI’s Counterterrorism Division, as well as a vicious Mafia don. Enter the lovely – and ruthless — Dakota Kilgore, whose true purpose is a mystery.

Ultra-rich “patriots” dedicated to keeping the country safe and power in their pockets – even if it means violating the very principles upon which the nation was founded – add to the twists and turns of the book as it spins on to its surprising conclusion.

This is the second novel for author David Branon, who also wrote the well-received “The Curmudgeon’s Tree.” Branon served as chief executive officer of a business that was folded into a worldwide sporting goods conglomerate, becoming chairman of the multimillion-dollar Americas operation before deciding to retire to pursue the passion of words rather than the sterility of bottom-line numbers. The magna cum laude graduate of Harvard University lives with his wife in Greenville, South Carolina.


For additional information, please visit www.authordavidrbranon.com.

The Spider’s Web

David R. Branon

Dog Ear Publishing

ISBN: 978-1-4575-2573-5                        320 pages                        $18.95 US

Available at Ingram, Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble and fine bookstores everywhere.


New Historical Novel by David Huntley Captivating Tale of Post WWII Espionage


Dog Ear Publishing releases “Death Watch Beetle” by David E. Huntley.

This new book released by Dog Ear Publishing is a thriller set during the Cold War, featuring a young man who finds himself deep in trouble when he accidentally finds a secret message hidden in a hymnal.  Donald Harvey travels internationally as he seeks to determine the meaning behind an encryption that could put his life and the lives of those he knows and loves in danger. 

Donald Harvey is happily occupied as an employee at Trandect Engineering Ltd. in High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, England. Donald, the star of this new novel, entertains himself with his sweetheart, a young Polish immigrant named Alijca, and he skirts the edges of danger with a lucrative black market business. His idyll, however, comes to a sharp halt when Donald unwittingly involves himself in international espionage. Some misplaced apple juice uncovers invisible ink on a stray piece of paper in a hymnal, and Donald quite naturally becomes curious. The strange series of letters is clearly a code, and Donald takes it to a cryptographer friend.

The cryptographer, Roger, is intrigued, and takes it to his contacts at MI6. The agency and their American counterparts in the Air Force brief Donald, and they bring him into their plans to apprehend a Nazi war criminal responsible for the death of thousands, as well as heading up Hitler’s super weapons projects.

 Can Donald uphold his end of the task and bring the notorious criminal to justice? Can he maintain his life as he does it, including his burgeoning romance with the beautiful Alijca, who has her own history of suffering at the hands of Russian and Nazi occupation forces?

“Death Watch Beetle” is an engaging story, creating an authentic narrative. Filled with action, adventure and romance, author David Huntley’s novel becomes an intriguing puzzle for amateur cryptographers and fiction fans alike. Huntley, a survivor of the London Blitz in WWII, now a semi-retired international businessman, lives in Texas with his French wife, Sophie, herself a survivor of Nazi occupation. Huntley has tremendous respect and admiration for the soldiers and sailors of the U.S. and Allied Armed Forces who “helped save Europe from tyranny,”  and has dedicated this book to WWII veterans. Many of their names & service are recorded for posterity in the books’ final pages.


For additional information, please visit www.deathbeetle.com.

Death Watch Beetle

David E. Huntley

Dog Ear Publishing

ISBN: 978-1-4575-2373-1                        312 pages                        $16.99 US

Available at Ingram, Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble and fine bookstores everywhere.

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