Army Officer’s Life Devastated by Aftermath of Serving in Cambodia; Ed Mooney Releases New Novel


Dog Ear Publishing releases “Tears for Cambodia” by Ed Mooney.

Author Ed Mooney paints a vivid portrait of a man troubled by nightmares of his time in 1970s Cambodia in this new book released by Dog Ear Publishing. Officer Max Donatello’s life is irreparably changed due to his inability to deal with his past.

Lt. Colonel Max Donatello left the military decades ago, but his experiences serving in Cambodia never left him. As the story in this new novel relays, his beloved wife, Emily, left him after years of marriage because he refused to share his pain or get professional help that might allow him to move beyond the trauma of his past.  Now Max and his children, Chris and Melissa, are grieving Emily’s untimely death, and Max finds himself reliving past mistakes and looking for a way to make his future (and his relationships with his children) better.

For years, Emily had urged Max to go back to Cambodia, to face the nightmares head on and possibly overcome them. Max resisted, but now he feels compelled to revisit the country that was nearly destroyed by the Khmer Rouge so many years ago. Max’s story is told in flashback, as he relives his former life while visiting the Cambodia of today. Max plans to spend nearly a month in Southeast Asia; will he be able to put the horrors that haunt his dreams to rest, or will they overcome him, destroying his foundering relationship with his family?

Tears for Cambodia is a sympathetic portrait of an officer helplessly following orders, even though he knows they will result in tragedy. Max’s pain and the courage with which he faces his demons are compelling, and readers will be rooting for Max and his redemption.

This is the first novel for author Ed Mooney, who drew upon his personal experience in Cambodia as well as the experiences of a number of other men. Max is created from a composite of these recollections, creating a fascinating first-hand view of a tour in 1970s Cambodia.


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Tears for Cambodia

Ed Mooney

Dog Ear Publishing

ISBN: 978-1-4575-2400-4                        292 pages                        $15.99 US

Available at Ingram,, Barnes & Noble and fine bookstores everywhere.

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