Trio’s Friendship Survives the Test of Time; Vetella Camper Releases New Book

Dog Ear Publishing releases “Maroon & Company” by Vetella Camper.

Dog Ear Publishing releases “Maroon & Company” by Vetella Camper.

Three best friends share their family stories and work together to launch a new venture in this new book released by Dog Ear Publishing.

When three female friends join forces, the divorced women find that they are stronger together than they were apart. This new debut novel stars Chandler, who works in a marketing firm but dreams of using her cooking degree to become a distinguished chef; accounting whiz Lorelei, who wants to find herself; and Stevie Michelle, a beauty whose powers of persuasion run more than skin deep. Their combined talents provide a recipe for success for all three in the pursuit of their dream.

“Maroon & Company” shares the story of how the three women met, their failed marriages and their hopes for the future. Chandler learns she must take a risk if she is to succeed in creating Maroon, the restaurant she’s dreamed about for years. Stevie Michelle must prove she can help Chandler achieve her dream. Lorelei confronts trauma from her past when she returns home to South Carolina, but it’s her newfound independence that allows Lorelei to return north to help her dearest friend.

Celebrating the holidays together and splurging on a vacation to the Bahamas allows the women to bond even more as they begin making plans for the restaurant. Once the restaurant is up and running, the three partners find they’ve got new – and old – men in their lives, one woman receives a visitor from her past, and another woman has a health scare. As they share old hurts and fears, Chandler, Lorelei and Stevie Michelle realize their friendship gives them the confidence to face adversity head-on and the humility to appreciate the triumphs.

This is the first novel for author Vetella Camper, whose short stories have earned recognition. She is a graduate from Cleveland State University.


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Maroon & Company

Vetella Camper

Dog Ear Publishing

ISBN: 978-1-4575-1452-4                        296 pages                        $17.00 US

Available at, and

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