Author says Everything is Harder than You Think; Brett Hirsch Releases New Book

Dog Ear Publishing releases “Everything is Harder than You Think” by Brett Hirsch.

Dog Ear Publishing releases “Everything is Harder than You Think” by Brett Hirsch.

This new book released by Dog Ear Publishing provides a humorous look at the difficulties that occur in every aspect of life.

Sometimes a task that should be easy turns out to be incredibly difficult. This phenomenon, what the author of this new book calls “everything is harder than you think,” happens to everyone. Although it’s not a disease, Brett Hirsch writes in the introduction that he suspects it is contagious and may be inherited. As evidence, he points out that his mother says she inherited the condition from her children. “I will take her word for it,” he writes, “as I am sure that I was harder to raise than she thought I would be.”

“Everything Is Harder Than You Think” offers a tongue-in-cheek view of life’s complexities and notes that when things are going well, it’s only because “life is preparing to punch you in the ribs to keep you from getting a swelled head.” People achieve a sense of accomplishment from overcoming difficulties, and Hirsch colorfully relates his humorous experiences with such things as plumbing, electrical work, travel, cars, marriage, getting older, and losing weight.

The author’s misadventures include transporting a cat to the vet in a pillowcase, an ant-infested new car, cutting his finger on a bin at the airport, and trying to outwit old fixtures that require replacements. In the end, the book provides a gentle lesson about the pitfalls of thinking things are easy and the importance of perseverance.

Author Brett Hirsch spent more than 35 years building products, delivering projects and managing teams for major corporations. Hirsch, an experienced speaker and presenter, is known for his wit and humor.


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Everything is Harder than You Think

Brett Hirsch

Dog Ear Publishing

ISBN: 978-1-4575-1610-8                        100 pages                        $9.95 US

Available at Ingram,, Barnes & Noble and fine bookstores everywhere.

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