Covert Drug Investigation Takes Personal Turn; Tim Ramsey Releases Latest Book in Tom Curran Series

Dog Ear Publishing releases “The Deadly Tropic Snow” by Tim Ramsey.

Dog Ear Publishing releases “The Deadly Tropic Snow” by Tim Ramsey.

An undercover team investigates mysterious drug-poisoning deaths occurring all over the nation in this new book released by Dog Ear Publishing.

CIA special operations team leader Tom Curran runs his life on instinct, intuition and lately, he’s been influenced by someone beyond the grave. In this new novel, someone has poisoned the illegal drug supply, causing deaths across the country. Tom, who’s cool as a cucumber, and his team work to solve the mystery – even if his own team is involved. The investigation takes them from the swamps of Florida to the jungles of South America, Belize, Mexico, Miami, Philadelphia and Washington, D.C.

In “The Deadly Tropic Snow,” victims overdosing on cocaine first show up in Miami, Tampa, Houston, El Paso and Tucson, with the tainted drug spreading north and west. Government on all levels spends billions of dollars fighting the war on drugs. What would happen if those resources could be diverted to something more productive? This novel explores the public’s reaction to poisoned drugs, including the possibility that the deaths might – in the long run – lead to a decline in drug use, drug crime and violence. In effect, the deaths of a few drug users might benefit many more lives.

On assignment with an agent who isn’t who he claims to be, the team leaves the country to investigate the poisoned drugs. Tom finally identifies a mysterious man who’s been following him, only to have him disappear after an intense conversation. A fateful encounter in a cemetery in the middle of a chase brings Tom needed emotional release, bolstering his resolve to see the mission through to its end as it becomes intertwined with his longing for his own past. The body count rises in this non-stop adventure, and then becomes personal as the team must become relentless to uncover the truth.

Author Tim Ramsey’s 27 years in the military and his passion for fishing and surfing has led him around the world. When not working, he visits the Jersey Shore, mangrove islands of southwest Florida and Las Cumbres, Panama.  He grew up in Landisville and Sea Isle City, N.J., and graduated from Eckerd College in St. Pete, Florida. Ramsey also wrote “Unnecessary Evils,” the first novel in the Tom Curran series.


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The Deadly Tropic Snow

Tim Ramsey

Dog Ear Publishing

ISBN: 978-1-4575-1711-3                        300 pages                        $7.99 US

 Available at Ingram,, Barnes & Noble and fine bookstores everywhere.

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