New Nonfiction Release Speaks to Importance of Fly Fishing in One Man’s Life; Book by Brian R. Ellig

Dog Ear Publishing releases “The Long Journey Home” by Brian R. Ellig.

Dog Ear Publishing releases “The Long Journey Home” by Brian R. Ellig.

This new nonfiction release published by Dog Ear Publishing shares the joy that nature and the art of angling brought to a man facing his life’s stresses.  Author Brian Ellig’s introduction to fly fishing started him down a life-changing path that would change his perspective through the many challenges he faced.

Author Brian R. Ellig’s love affair with fly fishing started in April 1992 on a quiet little trout stream called Slippery Rock Creek.  Ellig’s friend and business associate Keith Yenets introduced Ellig to the hobby when Ellig was on contract assignment at the Beaver Valley Power Station.  Ellig’s work as a contracted procurement professional for many different fossil power and nuclear power generation projects was stressful, and Ellig found himself shifted around the country to various power facilities; the peace and solitude of fly fishing spoke to a part of Ellig that had never been reached before, and he was hooked.  This trip to the stream effectively changed Ellig’s life forever.

As Ellig’s work took him to New York, his love for the rod and reel persisted.  Through a brutal commute and the tragedy of September 11, 2001, Ellig’s time on the water provided him tranquility and time for contemplation.  During this time, Ellig thought at length about his career-ending knee injury that cut his basketball career tragically short, ending his longtime dream of playing professionally.  This same injury later required Ellig to undergo major surgery, resulting in a total knee replacement.  However, even surgery couldn’t keep Ellig from his beloved hobby for long.  With his wife, Karol, and their beloved dogs, Ellig eventually made his way to his native state, where he could pursue his passion.

The Long Journey Home is the story of an average man’s search for his deeply-buried sense of self, and the experiences that helped him to bring this forth.   Ellig’s description of the contemplative nature of fly fishing will leave the reader longing to have a rod in hand in the middle of a calm stream.  Author Brian R. Ellig recently retired from a 37-year career in procurement encompassing the construction and operational support of nuclear and power-generation facilities; this position allowed him to travel across the country with his wife, Karol, and their beloved dogs.  An avid fly fisherman, Ellig enjoys collecting vintage fly fishing books.


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The Long Journey Home

Brian R. Ellig

Dog Ear Publishing

ISBN: 978-1-4575-1338-1                        152 pages                         $12.95 US


Available at Ingram,, Barnes & Noble
and fine bookstores everywhere.

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Dog Ear Publishing releases “The Long Journey Home” by Brian R. Ellig.

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