New Release Guides Readers to More Joyful Lives; Book by Barbara Hadley and Fred Stultz

Dog Ear Publishing releases “If Not Joy Now Then When?” by Barbara Hadley and Fred Stultz.

Two counselors share their easy-to-comprehend approach to helping people live more joyful, vibrant lives with this new book from Dog Ear Publishing.

Living with inner joy and meaningful relationships is possible with the right approach. Two professional counselors provide readers with their approach to making this happen, which they call Discovering to Be Me, thanks to their new book. They describe their approach for life change as giving people “permission to awaken to new meaning and direction in their lives. It challenges theories about the foundation of a self. It involves expanding one’s awareness.”

“If Not Joy Now Then When?” challenges people to find the courage to take steps to creating a new life that will be more fulfilling – taking charge of their own happiness to gain satisfying relationships, new spiritual meaning and excitement and vitality in work and life experiences.  Step by step, the book covers the three interactive areas of Discovering to Be Me: awakening, characterized by a sense of uneasiness with the current life; twilight, a state between past and future learning; and engagement, taking action to work on change for the better. Through real-life case studies to illustrate their points, the book helps people choose how to face the complexity of life and choose how they want to live. Simple illustrations by artist Pattie Fimple and a glossary describing terms enhance this potentially life-changing book.

Author Barbara Hadley, a licensed professional counselor in Colorado since 1996, earned master’s degrees in educationally handicapped and community counseling. She has educated developmentally disabled adults, taught incarcerated adolescent males and served as chairman of the special education department at a high school. For the last 20 years, Barbara has been an adjunct psychology professor at Colorado State University-Pueblo and worked for seven years at CSU’s student counseling center. She and her husband, Jim, have two daughters.

Author Fred Stultz, a licensed marriage and family therapist in Colorado since 2000, has taught at universities for more than 35 years; he received a Ph.D. in human development from Purdue University in 1974.  For the last 13 years, Fred has been an adjunct professor in the psychology department at CSU-Pueblo and served as a counselor in the university’s student counseling center; he became director of the center in 2002. He and his wife, Gloria, have three sons.

The authors left university counseling jobs in 2010 to open their own counseling practice, Pura Vida Voices. The Discovering to Be Me approach is one aspect of their practice, which encourages people to change and grow to live a more joyful life. Contact the authors at


For additional information about the book, please visit

If Not Joy Now Then When?

Barbara Hadley and Fred Stultz

Dog Ear Publishing

ISBN: 978-1-4575-1037-3                        196 pages                                     $15.95 US

Available at Ingram,, Barnes & Noble
and fine bookstores everywhere

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