Long Island Parents Turn the Tables on Bullying in the Public School: Book by Nancy Macnab

Dog Ear Publishing releases “Uncle Sam’s Schoolhouse: Bullying, Predators, and Students” by Nancy Macnab.

The authors of this new book released by Dog Ear Publishing recount disturbing experiences with bullying and abuse by teachers and officials in their public school district. They explore the dynamics of the legal advantages offered to school personnel which culminate in an atmosphere ripe for psychological and emotional abuses.

What if the public school system itself was the source for the recent rise in student on student bullying? What if there existed a suppressed environment of concealed abuse expressing itself in the current bullying epidemic?  At the heart of this revealing new book, author Nancy Macnab along with her husband Bill, go beyond their experience to reveal a public school system that must hide from public view any abuses or illegal actions in order to protect their enormous investment in what has become a financial monopoly. When Bill was illegally banned from the Port Jefferson Union Free School District by the Superintendent for bringing teacher on student abuse to the eyes of administrators, Nancy and Bill took action to protect their family.

“Uncle Sam’s Schoolhouse” examines legal rulings allowing teachers to freely exhibit “examples of official abuses witnessed by students every day.” The authors argue that witnessing those examples has led to the bullying phenomenon raging across America. They note in the introduction that research shows 50 percent “of all public school students will suffer some form of adult inflicted physical or emotional abuse at their public school.” The book describes the special laws providing exclusive rights that privilege school personnel above the rights of students and their families.

The struggle for Nancy and Bill escalated when their younger son’s math teacher actively refused to teach him while at the same time belittling him. After the parents met with administrators to address the abuse of their son, Bill wrote a letter to clarify the issues. The result was a counter-response letter from the Superintendent banning Bill from school property under threat of arrest. That experience drove Nancy and Bill to delve into the legal world of the public school.

The authors detail nationwide incidents of abusive teachers. They show the second-class citizen life of children in a system which both dehumanizes them and attacks their sensibility. While “Teachers are not held accountable for their bullying and abusiveness” they write, “Students are subjected to accountability for even the minutest infractions.” This book is sure to resonate with parents, students and educators trapped by the ongoing corruption that exists in “Uncle Sam’s Schoolhouse.”

Nancy Macnab, born and raised in New York City, has been a mother for 19 years. She worked as a Wall Street financial typesetter, university researcher, copy editor and legal secretary before having her children. This graduate of Long Island University and the American Academy of Dramatic Arts is working on a children’s book. Her husband of twenty years, Bill, has a History degree from Stony Brook University and co-authored Port Jefferson’s local history book.


For additional information, please visit www.unclesamsschoolhouse.com.

Uncle Sam’s Schoolhouse: Bullying, Predators, and Students

Nancy Macnab

Dog Ear Publishing

ISBN: 978-1-4575-1195-0                        236 pages                         $17.99 US

Available at Ingram, Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble
and fine bookstores everywhere

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