New Fiction Release Thrilling Tale of a Tropical Vacation That Takes a Terrifying Turn; Book by Bruce C. Brown

Dog Ear Publishing releases “A Long Way From Paradise” by Bruce C. Brown.

A freelance journalist writing a feature about his freediving friend finds his trip derailed by smugglers who will not hesitate to kill in order to keep their product safe in this new fiction novel by Bruce C. Brown.   Readers will not be able to put down this nonstop thrill ride that will leave them eager for more. 

Journalist Richard Logan is looking forward to a working vacation writing a feature about Chris, an old friend and  freediver in the Sea of Cortez. Richard can’t wait to dive with his army buddy, despite the less-than-ideal company in the form of a blow-hard executive R. Paul Jennings and his entourage.  However, Richard manages to overlook the worst of Jennings’ unpalatable behavior when he meets Cheryl, R. Paul’s beautiful sister-in-law.  The two start to become closer, but their growing intimacy is interrupted when the holidaymakers come across a burned out boat with seriously injured passengers who were not what they appeared to be.

All too soon, the people responsible for the injuries on the nearby vessel board Chris’s ship, and it’s immediately apparent that the low-key dive trip has warped into a nightmare of lethal weapons wielded by dangerous  individuals who will stop at nothing to protect their own nefarious interests.  Can the military training Richard and Chris received help them to keep the innocents on board alive?  Can they keep themselves alive?  Or will the evildoers eliminate the opposition before help arrives?

A Long Way From Paradise  is by turns thrilling and terrifying, and Richard Logan is the kind of hero one would want to have on board in a tight situation.  Readers will enjoy the non-stop action from start to finish.  Author Bruce Brown drew upon his own personal diving and sailing experience to create an authentic seaside setting.  Brown studied Asian history at University of Southern California, and has written four nonfiction books.  This is his first novel.


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A Long Way From Paradise

Bruce C. Brown

Dog Ear Publishing

ISBN: 978-1-4575-1058-8                        184 pages                         $29.95 US

Available at Ingram,, Barnes & Noble
and fine bookstores everywhere.

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