New Non-Fiction Release Shares Episcopal Priest’s Spiritual Journey, Life Experiences – Book by Kamila Blessing

Author Kamila Blessing began her adult life as a scientist specializing in Artificial Intelligence; her work was cutting-edge, and it eventually led her to a successful career as a member of the Computer Science Department at Carnegie Mellon University, her alma mater.  However, even as Blessing immersed herself in science, she was still compelled to follow a “covert” form of spirituality; her peers and her mentors in the scientific community believed spirituality or a belief in God to be antiquated at best.  The story of Blessing’s eventual immersion into spirituality is a fascinating glimpse into the power of God’s love as well as the way that the scripture can provide a map showing the path to God’s provision.

Using examples from her own fascinating life as well as those of the many people she has befriended or counseled as an Episcopal priest, Blessing shares her own experiences with the many ways that God can change life for the better; Blessing has personally undergone highs and lows, and she proffers the varying methods that God changed her life when she needed it most.  An Episcopal priest for 27 years, Blessing has served more than 20 congregations; she has also motivated members of the congregation to increasing their contributions to the church, thus ensuring the success and longevity of the church.  Inspirational, moving, and utterly heartfelt, Blessing’s story is a fascinating read that will help readers find the spirituality for which they are yearning.

Speak Ye First the Kingdom is a story of faith as well as a source of encouraging Prayer Starters, which are a means to lead readers into “[their] own journey into abundance.”  Author Kamila Blessing has served more than a dozen denominations  in varying capacities in addition to her nearly three decades of service as an Episcopal priest; it is Blessing’s belief that “if she preaches only the love of God for all people for her

entire pastorate, it will be the work of a lifetime. It is important to Blessing to stand explicitly for traditional Christianity, and let the members reason out for themselves whether they should believe, but in the face of one who does.”

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Speak Ye First the Kingdom

Kamila Blessing

Dog Ear Publishing

ISBN: 978-145750-409-9                        155 pages                         $17.00 US

Available at Ingram,, Barnes & Noble
and fine bookstores everywhere

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