New Fiction Release Provides Thrills, Action As One Man Seeks Justice – Book by John J. Morabito

Frisco Lord is an average man.  He works hard as a foreman at a nuclear power plant, he is happily married with children, and he is well respected in his community. After Frisco is forced to suspend his longtime friend and colleague, Phil “The Flamingo” Luciano, for his habitual lateness, Phil’s found dead of an apparent suicide. Frisco finds himself investigating the suspicious circumstances that surround his old friend’s death.  As he starts to put together the pieces of this puzzle, Frisco is called to jury duty.

As the foreman of the jury, Frisco listens as a story of theft and deception unfold.  When he questions the methods of the Judge, he’s removed as the foreman and forced to seek justice for his old friend himself. He continues to question the pieces of evidence that swirl around him:  Why was Phil repairing an ambulance?  What is the meaning of the $10 chip from the Ridotto Club?  Is the shady Eddie “El” Dorado involved in the murder and robbery? Is the Judge actually eager to find justice, or is he simply trying to cover up important (and possibly incriminating) information?  Will Frisco make it out of this with his life and his reputation intact?

The Foreman, published by Dog Ear Publishing, is a riveting tale of crime and punishment, with a true-to-life hero in Frisco Lord.  The story will keep the reader turning the pages, and the reader will want more long after the tale is told.  The Foreman has memorable characters, good guys and bad, and is a highly readable and enjoyable story.  This is John J. Morabito’s fifth book.


Check out

The Foreman

John J. Morabito

Dog Ear Publishing

ISBN: 978-145750-111-1             144  pages            $13.95 US

Available at Ingram,, Barnes & Noble
and fine bookstores everywhere


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