New Fiction Release Fast-Paced Crime Drama, with Romance, Supernatural Overtones – Book by Carson Leigh

Sergeant Gus Wolf, a veteran member of the Houston PD, finds himself hospitalized after a run-in with a burglar; as he recovers, the long-divorced Wolf kindles a romance with an attractive co-worker, Angela Guiterrez.  Their relationship blossoms, and on a weekend getaway to Wolf’s former hometown, Milwaukee, he finds himself asking questions about a string of child abductions that eerily resemble activity in Houston.  Wolf tries to push it from his mind, but he’s continually revisited by the notion that the two cities could be victimized by the same sick individual.  But how to make the connection?

Enter Cathy Lewis, an attractive (and single) detective in Milwaukee.  Working with her, Wolf learns that there’s more to the crime than there appears.  An international child-pornography ring is operating online, and the police are working with the FBI to bring it to justice.  Wolf is drawn to Detective Lewis, but is the attraction purely professional?  Can he solve the crime with Lewis’s help and maintain his burgeoning relationship with Angela?  Will his instincts prove correct, and can he stop the criminal before he hurts another child?  Can the FBI end the child pornography ring?

Movement, published by Dog Ear Publishing, is a rip-roaring ride, with lively characters and edge-of-the-seat suspense combined with salty good humor.  Sergeant Gus Wolf is a memorable hero, and the readers will find themselves rooting for him throughout the story.  Author Carson Leigh is a retired police sergeant who spent his 25 years of police service in Houston, Texas.  He was the first recipient of the Houston Police Department’s “Award of Excellence”, and received over 60 commendations for public service.  His vast police experience lends a truly authentic flavor to this, his first novel.


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Carson Leigh

Dog Ear Publishing

ISBN: 978-145750-023-7            366  pages            $24.95 US


Available at Ingram,, Barnes & Noble
and fine bookstores everywhere


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