New Release Offers a Unique and Intriguing Look at Holocaust Survival – Book by Joseph Leary

KLARA begins and ends in Chicago, which is a little unusual for a Holocaust story.  Chicago is normally known for its waterfront, its majestic structures and its sports teams.  But the real Chicago happens in the ethnic neighborhoods, where often people from a variety of nations have come to seek refuge and forget the past. This story is, in large part, about one of those neighborhoods – Ukrainian Village.  In 1977, Chicago and the Village were a bit dimmer, a bit more haunting, and just a bit closer to the horrors of Europe during World War II.

KLARA, published by Dog Ear Publishing, is a story of hope, but a frayed and sober hope, sprouting from the worst of tragedy.  The hopeful sprouts that emerge have come at a terrible price.  The novel reveals this in layers, for it cannot be digested all at once.  That would be too much, almost too much to be credible.  But the events that underpin this story did happen in Poland during the War, and the rot and odor of these things lingered in Ukrainian Village many years later.  Suppressed or denied by normal enough people, folks who refused to claim their own memories.  These memories were better off left alone.

But great crimes can never be left alone forever.  Someone always speaks up.  One thing leads to another, as it does in this story.  Many films and novels about the Holocaust shine bright lights on heroic victims and cruel villains.  There are some of these here, but there is much more here, in this gripping story.  For in truth, most who lived in Poland in 1944 were somewhere in the grey middle, neither heroic nor cruel.  They were just tested too harshly, and could not bear it.

KLARA  is their story.

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Joseph Leary

Dog Ear Publishing

ISBN: 978-160844-667-4          200 pages          $14.95 US

Available at Ingram,, Barnes & Noble
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