New Release Provides Helpful Tips and Tricks for Safe Driving – book by Morad A. Zad

Every year, thousands of lives are lost due to automobile accidents—mostly due to carelessness or inattention on the part of the drivers.  Author Morad A. Zad hopes to help the average driver become more attentive and more cautious with his new book, The Untold Rules of Driving.  This book provides many helpful hints and necessary reminders for the novice driver as well as those who are more experienced.  He touches on the various risk factors one finds behind the wheel, and the ways that damage can be minimized if an accident is unavoidable.

Zad’s suggestions are practical and easily implemented, from the suggestion to consider everyone “blind and deaf” in order to remember one is responsible for one’s own safety to his tutorial on making an inescapable accident as safe as possible.  He uses wit to make the text more fun, but it doesn’t undermine the seriousness of his message—you are responsible for your actions behind the wheel, and you are responsible for your reactions to the actions of other drivers.

The Untold Rules of Driving, published by Dog Ear Publishing, is Morad A. Zad’s first book.  He has spent a great deal of time compiling his thoughts and suggestions on making the roads a safer place to travel, and his love of driving shines through.  He considers himself a natural born driver—“I am not a stunt driver, I don’t do wonders or tricks, I just like driving whether on street, road, mountain or in the countryside.” It is his hope that “(r)eading this book and spreading the word will save lives.”

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The Untold Rules of Driving

Morad A. Zad

Dog Ear Publishing

ISBN: 978-160844-609-4          90  pages          $14.95 US

Available at Ingram,, Barnes & Noble
and fine bookstores everywhere

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