Groundbreaking Interdisciplinary Study Focuses on the Mind-enhancing Potential of Marijuana- book by Sebastián Marincolo

Innumerable users have reported that marijuana helps them conjure deep insights. Intellectuals and creatives such as Irish poet William Butler Yeats, writer Norman Mailer, and the physicist and Nobel Price winner Richard Feynman used and reported about the mind-enhancing potential of marijuana. In his legendary essay “Mr. X”, the astronomer Carl Sagan famously claimed that he owed many invaluable insights in his publications to marijuana.

Is it true that marijuana can lead to insights, or is this a myth, as many skeptics contend?

The unconventional investigation, High. Insights on Marijuana, aims to prove the insights claim and explains in depth the different ways a marijuana high can lead to many other cognitive enhancements, such as the enhancement of episodic memory, pattern recognition, creativity, introspection, and our ability for empathic understanding.

Unlike other books on marijuana, High concentrates on exploring the mind-enhancing effects of marijuana and the phenomenology of a high, rather than providing a survey of the diverse issues surrounding the plant. Marincolo, a doctorate in philosophy with a specialization in the philosophy of mind, introduces his readers to state of the art cognitive and neuroscientific research by authors such as Vilaynur Ramachandran, Oliver Sacks, and Michael Gazzaniga. The integration of interdisciplinary knowledge from a philosophical standpoint takes our understanding of the acute effects of marijuana to a new level.

The author’s own experiences as well as dozens of personal and often touching reports from users worldwide help him to illustrate how marijuana has inspired so many and how it can positively affect a person’s life if used under the right conditions.

High. Insights on Marijuana, published by Dog Ear Publishing, presents a stunning new perspective on a marijuana high and takes his reader on a fascinating trip over the Alice in Wonderland-Route to the understanding of human consciousness. Marincolo’s book can be expected to profoundly change the way in which we think about the extraordinary potential of the cannabis plant. His study has far reaching implications for the personal use of marijuana as well as for its medical potential in psychotherapy; as a consequence, it delivers yet another powerful argument for the end of marijuana prohibition.

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High. Insights on Marijuana.
Sebastián Marincolo
Dog Ear Publishing
ISBN: 978-160844-406-9         248 pages         $17.99US

Available at Ingram,, Barnes & Noble and fine bookstores everywhere

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