New Release Uses Child’s Voice to Tell the True Story of Abuse in Early Childhood- book by Sharon Warne Kidd

Perhaps when other people saw the quiet girl with pigtails, they thought she was merely shy. Her teacher probably didn’t understand why she never raised her hand in class. In fact, the truth about little Sharon would have shocked them. Blood Pies, published by Dog Ear Publishing, tells the true story of author Sharon Kidd’s early childhood. Born in the 1940’s, her earliest home was a craftsman-styled duplex that she shared with her parents, grandparents, and, eventually, a sister. The basement of that simple seaside house held the darkest of secrets that make up the chapters of this book. Sharon uses the voice of a young child to describe what she hears, sees and feels, referring to her father and mother simply as HE and SHE. Sharon finds her solace at school and in books, where she can escape the torment that is her home life. When the pain and fear are too much, she finds a cloud and floats away.

For the past 25 years, author Sharon Kidd has worked as an accomplished Marriage and Family Therapist, licensed by the State of California. Her primary work has been with children and adolescents. Her unique and successful implementation of treating children with trauma symptoms drew extraordinary praise and much criticism. At 67 years old, Sharon realized she needed to finally take time off from work to write the story of her early childhood. Here is what others are saying about Blood Pies:

“Bloodpies is the most astonishing story that I have ever read. What you will read will hurt you to your very core. But after the story has been told, you will feel within yourself that same courage that this small child had. This courage enabled her to go on and survive.”

-Lynne S. Ticson, MD, Ass’t. Clinical Professor-Pediatrics USC-Keck School of Medicine

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Blood Pies
Sharon Warne Kidd
Dog Ear Publishing
ISBN: 978-160844-452-6          100 pages          $13.00 US

Available at Ingram,, Barnes & Noble and fine bookstores everywhere

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