A Brief History of Telephones and the People Who Made Them Work- Book by Don Conrad

Telephone Tales, written by Don Conrad and published by Dog Ear Publishing, not only gives readers a glimpse at the history of the telephone, but it also tells the stories of some of the individuals who worked on telephones.

The telephone has been an essential part of our lives from the time it was invented by Alexander Graham Bell. Over the years, the size, shape and technology of the telephone has changed considerably. For as long as the telephone has been in existence, countless men and women have worked behind the scenes to ensure that connections are made, lines are installed and repaired, and the design is improved.

In Telephone Tales, author Don Conrad, a long-time employee in the telecommunications industry himself, pieces together true short stories about the people who worked on telephones. From neat and tidy switchboard operators to big and burly linemen, the people of Conrad’s stories shine a light on the action behind the scenes of the telephone industry.

Telephone Tales is an interesting read about the history of the telephone as well as a tribute to all of those who spent their lives working in the industry.

For more information, please visit the author’s website at www.ConradDon.com.

Telephone Tales

Don Conrad

Dog Ear Publishing

ISBN: 978-160844-022-1 136 pages US

Available at Ingram, Baker&Taylor, Amazon.com, Barnes&Noble, Borders and fine bookstores everywhere

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