World War II Veteran Shares His Most Intimated Memories in this New Release

Grenades, Guitars, Guts and Glory: World War II, There at 18–Told at 81
is released by author SGT Ronold Ray with Gina Ray

Ronold Ray was just an 18 year old farm boy from a large family living in central Texas when the United States entered World War II. Eager to serve his country, Ray tried to enlist but was told to go back to the farm. Finally he and his friends were drafted into the U.S. Army and shipped off to basic training to become soldiers. Eventually Ray was sent to the South Pacific where he learned the true meaning of war and sacrifice.

Grenades, Guitars, Guts and Glory, written by Ronold Ray at 81 years of age, is full of lively anecdotes about Ray and his companions as they go from basic training to the South Pacific to combat the Japanese. Whether they are simply playing pranks on one another or trying to avoid an unpleasant superior, Ray and his friends learn a lot about survival. Throughout the story, Ray maintains his sense of humor, even in the direst of circumstances.

Grenades, Guitars, Guts and Glory includes some meaningful photographs of Ray and his closest friends and family that really bring this memoir to life. It took a lifetime for Ray to put his story down on paper, but his recollections are so vivid that it seems the war happened yesterday. His inspiring story gives readers a sense of what life was like then and the sacrifice made by those Americans who fought to defend freedom and our great nation.

Ray was able to tell his incredible story by self-publishing with Dog Ear Publishing. For more information on Dog Ear, and even self-publishing in general, please visit the Dog Ear website.

Grenades, Guitars, Guts and Glory
SGT Ronold Ray and Gina Ray
Dog Ear Publishing
ISBN: 978-159858-705-0

Available at Ingram, Baker&Taylor,, Barnes&Noble, Borders and fine bookstores everywhere

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